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The QRS (Oblique-Repair-Shell) offers an innovative solution for the repair of Water wells, Energy (Cold-Heat) Storage wells and Chemical Disposal wells up to 500m deep. The QRS is a combination of a simple, self-activated and self-repairing system, based on advanced compound technology.

The QRS is able to repair wells permanent by it’s simple, durable and controlled characteristics. This tool is applicable to tube transitions and filter cracks in wells and will seal the damage or leakage. With the QRS it is possible to repair various wells types through an accurate composed recipe.

This recipe offers a swelling and sealing elastomer that is constructed on an inner core of Stainless Steel. The specific applied elastomeric compound is chemical engineered for bonding and activation requirements at low-temperature applications (7ºC — 24ºC).

This is done by many decades of experience with comparable compound technologies for high pressure and temperature applications in wells.

For further details please check https://www.scheper.co/labelblue/qrs-well-repair-technology/