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A thin and short swelling seal functioning as a cement integrity assurance sleeve . It is a very cost effective remedy against micro annulus in cemented casing and liners.

The product is developed to avoid expensive remedial work in cement applications which are affected my micro-annulus. By placement of Q-Sox elements at critical formation layers, the risk of sustained annular casing pressures is significantly reduced; hence reducing costly P&A work at the end of life of the well.

Another key application is as remedy against micro-annuli in multi-stage frack completions with cemented liners. By avoiding micro-annulus between the stages, a more effective frack job is secured.

The innovative design takes advantage of the elasticity of the base elastomer. The Q-Sox sleeve is expanded on a special tool making it suitable to mount on the base pipe in the workshop or the well site.

Swelling and sealing is activated by any fluid (i.e. water or condensate) coming through micro annuli.

Q-Sox is available for all common OC TG sizes from 2-7/8” up to 24” and is suitable for temperatures from 5 to 200 DegC, resistant to most common completion and well fluids.