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With the swelling elastomer directly bonded on the pipe, the Q-Seal is a reliable ready-to-use swell packer for zonal isolation applications such as multistage fracturing, reservoir separation, cement assurance, etc. Available in OCTG size up to 24” and wrapped an vulcanized on pipes in length up to 40ft.

Although being the earliest swell packer design, the Q-Seal relies on the reputation providing long-term stability. Available for all common casing and tubing sizes from 1” up to 24”. Swelling seal element length and OD are be designed to meet specific well conditions. Associated in-house developed simulation software (Q-Configurator) provides corresponding technical data showing swell performance and pressure rating.

Q-Seals are available in water swelling (blue), oil swelling (red) , combo (blue/red) or hybrid (black – swells in both water and oil).

Additional features are integrated control line slots, flat packs or shunt tubes. For safe running in hole and to comply with the metallurgy of the base pipe, Q-Seals are provided with either metallic (i.e. 13Cr, Incoloy , etc.) or high abrasion resistant elastomeric running guides.