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The Q-SAGD (Injection) and Q-WARP (Production) are our unique solution for the challenging high temperatures in steam assisted gravity drainage wells or any other high temperature application. Designed as a slip-on swelling packer for easy field installation onto casing or tubing in high temperature producing wells, steam injectors or geothermal (water/steam) wells.

The Q-SAGD and Q-WARP combine our unique slip-on design, which does not rely on O-rings or bonding agents, with our high temperature resistant swelling elastomers compounds. Depending on the fluids that the packers will be exposed to, a suitable combination of compounds is applied. Each product is custom designed to suit the well specifications; providing a short term seal in combination with long term resistance to high temperatures.

The Q-SAGD has one HT resistant swelling element and is used in steam injection or geothermal applications. The Q-WARP has two water swelling elements with a HT resistant swelling element in the middle. The outer elements protect the HT element in the middle from any oil or other aggressive fluids in hot producer wells and hence maintain a long term seal.