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The Q-Xtreme packer concept is specially developed to provide a high pressure seal inside open hole during high-pressure frack operations with differential pressures up to 1000bar.

The innovative Q-Xtreme packer concept combines a new packer design with our top rated compounds. It is capable of withstanding very high frack pressures up to 1000bar.

Sealing of Liner/Open Hole annulus, will be ensured by the swelling of elastomers, especially developed for high temperatures (150degC) and high fluid salinities (20%KCl).

The concept consist of sealing sleeves (water swelling), on each side of the packer, cuff reinforcements (non-swelling) on each side of packer, and middle section elastomer (hybrid swelling) bonded to pipe. The purpose of sealing sleeves is to engage cuff reinforcements and to protect middle section elastomer from acid. The middle section will hold most of the force and will be reinforced and protected by sleeves and cuffs.

Sleeves are not bonded to pipe, while cuff reinforcements and middle section elastomer are.